Night GeyLang

Took shower in hotel. but no hot water avail. patient with water, but It’s near the equator so not hard. about 8pm getting out hotel and walk west in Geylan street. buying tooth paste and face wash in Sheng Siong Supermarket(升菘超市). it takes 3.35SGD.


I forgot name but in restaurant whitch easy to reach hotel, I ate combo menu of 海南鶏飯(Hai Nang Chiken Rice) and vegi saute with bottled tiger beer. its 10SGD. Chiken rice combo was priced 4.5SGD in self-service, but restaurant staff care me so its price 5SGD.


It’s cheep hotel street so many cheap shop and cheap restaurant. Chinese hot-pot restaurant smells good spicy taste.


going east in Geylan steet to hotel. its red-line district so many prostitute in street. asking hotel staff to change banknote to coin, I bought 1.5SGD coconuts juice by auto vending machine. 12pm in sleeping.

I spent 119.1SGD and 5426JPY for hotel. total 14,810JPY. Too much expensive!



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