My little pond in balcony

(almost photo was taken in eary in May)

I have little pond in my balcony.
It height about 25cm, width 60cm, depth 42cm. Capacity is about 45litter. 


Many Medaka(killifish), Minami Numaebi(prawns) and Tanishi(snails) are living there. and many kind of duckweed, Hangeshou(swamp root), Sakura Tade(smartweed) and Hishi(water cultrap) has planted. This May and June, theres many hot day than usual year, so duckweed are bred and grew enough to cover water surface. I must remove out it every weeks.

Direct sunlight strikes only 2hours in near noon, but it’s placed outside so many kind of microbe breeds naturally. therefor no need feeding everyday.

Fish and prawn breeds naturally. but killifish is not so genius. They eat their babies soon. so when I find babies, I must catch it to emigrate another little fish tank.

Babies are very cute. this size about 6mm.

Spot-light and aeration was installed. When the nighit, it makes me relax.


Sentosa Island, Biryani in India Town

* This contents was written in after travel. not real time.


I use MRT North-East line and go Little India station. 2 indian men who sit neighbor seet talks for me with non-understood language. what’s…?? after all, I got down train in Little India, but not outed examination. take opposite direction train and go Habor Front station. Serching internet for something interest, I ended up to go Sentosa Island.


I have no guidebook for Singapore. Did you know that?


I decide to go roapway station but ticket is much expensive 😛 . I drank 100Plus(It’s very famous drink for Malay people) to be relax. and I realize that I have only 37SGD. so back Harbor Front station to use ATM.  Sentosa roapway ticket whitch I bought is able to return trip 3stations, The Jewel Box Station – Harbor Front – Sentosa Island with Coffee&Cake voucher. it costs 26SGD. In first, go Harbor Front to Sentosa. its very high in sky!


Nice view for city center.


What a many ships in the bay!


I arrived Sentosa. soon big Mar-Lion appears.


In KFC, taking 3.5SGD Iced tea for relux. and walk to Monorail station to go beach.


Very clear water.





but today I don’t have swimsuits and I ware long jeans, so cannnot play with water. I went entrance of beach and napping in bench around 2hours with Indian people. In nealy to Sunset time, go back beach and taking photo.


Like a commercial film….


There’s some Japanese girls.


Sun setted down. I use tram bus and monorail to back roapway. but The Jewel Box station staff said that voucher is only for till 5PM.


Use MRT and back Little India staion. near of examine, there’s big Hokers . order 3SDG Mango Lassi and 4.8SG Mutton biryani . Indian people spilt curry source onto self service cutlery… It’s dirty. …but it’s very yummy!!!!


After dinner, spieler call Annyeonghaseyo(“Hello” in Korean language)to me. I go and said “I’m Japanese. not Korean, not Chinese”. but spieler said “Theres many Japanese, many Korean. come my restaurant!” and take me forcible to his restaurant. I escaped,  but I never think there’s so forcible spielerin in Singapore. I feel “Singapore is Clean” is doubt same as first day.


I don’t wanna back station cause I escaped from spiele. so I went Serangoon street to take taxi. but all taxi not agree to go Geylang. I went Mackenzie street and finally got taxi to go Geylang. I challenge to use taxi without writing. I said “GeyLang”, driver answer “what’s lorong?”, I answer “sixteenth”. Taxi go straight to cross of Guillmard street and 16thGeylang street. it takes 11.94SGD but driver has no little money. I paid 12SGD.


There’s many prostitute in south part of 16thGeylang. Japanese guys who wanna buy prostitute and I passed each other. I ask hotel staff to change banknote to coin, bought 1.5SGD coconuts juice, back room. all is same as yesterday. 19th July, total cost is about 12,773JPY(include Hotel). Singapore is expensive!





Botanic garden and China Town/シンガポール植物園と中華街


6時ごろに目を覚ます。眠い。テレビをつけるとAsia News Channelで日本の参議院選挙のニュースが流れており、自民党が圧勝するが共産党の躍進がみられるだろうとの分析。事実わたしも出国前に期日前投票で選挙区も比例代表も共産党に投票していたのだった。






MRTでオーチャード駅までゆき、Tang Plasa前のバス停でボタニックガーデン行きバスを探すが見つからないのでタクシー。タクシードライバーは私を華人だと思ったようで、「老闆、老闆」と話しかけてくる。英語で「中国人じゃないよ、日本人だよ、中国人顔に見える?」と聞くと「ああ、日本人か。タイランドで働いてる人?」などと聞いてくる。

















暑さをしのごうと人民公園のショッピングモールで扇子をひとつ購入。華人を気取って店主を「老闆」と呼び、「多少銭?」と品定め。1ドル50セン。さらに1ドル50センの唐黍汁、ベトナムで言うところのNước míaを飲み涼む。謎の萌えキャラでシーリングされてた。













Night GeyLang

Took shower in hotel. but no hot water avail. patient with water, but It’s near the equator so not hard. about 8pm getting out hotel and walk west in Geylan street. buying tooth paste and face wash in Sheng Siong Supermarket(升菘超市). it takes 3.35SGD.


I forgot name but in restaurant whitch easy to reach hotel, I ate combo menu of 海南鶏飯(Hai Nang Chiken Rice) and vegi saute with bottled tiger beer. its 10SGD. Chiken rice combo was priced 4.5SGD in self-service, but restaurant staff care me so its price 5SGD.


It’s cheep hotel street so many cheap shop and cheap restaurant. Chinese hot-pot restaurant smells good spicy taste.


going east in Geylan steet to hotel. its red-line district so many prostitute in street. asking hotel staff to change banknote to coin, I bought 1.5SGD coconuts juice by auto vending machine. 12pm in sleeping.

I spent 119.1SGD and 5426JPY for hotel. total 14,810JPY. Too much expensive!



GeyLang, Red-lined district


Its still light raining. I arrived Hotel81 Geylan in Geylan town. Here’s red-light district but Its not for my purpose. Its only cheep hotel area in Singapore. My window room is avail Hot shower, WIFI, AirCon, TV. 5426JPY(booked in Japan with internet. its about 59SGD). In Singapore, everywhere costs hotel tax 7% and service tax 10%. its not good.


I ask check-in availability for reception staff. but answer is 14pm. What’s? I mistake booking? OMG.


For the present, just check baggage and go around here. Lim Beng Coffee House, there’s bad rotten fish and herb smell, radio playing Chinese fork song, middle aged shop staff ladies pre-cooking in guest table… Oh! Cleanness Singapore! Its just dirty Asia town! I take 1.3SGD Ice Kopi(coffee) .


Its Geylan country, not Singapore? no no? However even thinking its red-lined district, “Clean Singapore” is just around airport and Marina bay area. after time, I feel that here and there.


Still light rainning. but nothing to do so go MRT Aljunied station. I bought Ez-Link card(prepaid charge ticket  for MRT).


For spending time, I went east and west. I ended up down in Raffles Quay station. There’s clean and many stylish people like Ginza. I bought 3.8SGD Mango shake and Japanese style pancake in coffee stand. stand staff gave me stamp card :). Walking around with drinking, but I’m very tired so soon give up. return back Aljunied station and buy drinking water and Pepsi in dirty 7-11 convenience store(front of store is light meal stand) , Its 6SGD. In 4pm finally checked in  hotel and napping still 8pm.




Singapore Changi AirPort


Singapore Changi AP is very Gorgeous. My flight arrived terminal3 at 5am.


Informations are written in English, Chinese, Japanese. Why Japanese?


My booked hotel’s check-in time is 12am. in first time, I think just check baggage in hotel and go some gardens. but Its terrible hard rain and sunder storm, so I can not get out airport X).


There’s no staff in SIM card shop. I use ATM and get 200SGD and asking information staff to where can I buy SIM card. its avail in money exchange booth. I bought 50SGD card but its too much high capacity. speed and connectivity are well good.


Breakfast. from left side: OtakOtak(Fish cake), Ikan bilis(Dried little fish) and chille Nasi Lemak(Rice witch cooked with coconuts milk), Kaya butter toast, Iced Milo 7.8SGD. its AirPort price so few expensive. Malay cuisine is not for with alcohol, so very spicy and deep sweet taste. its good.


I’m wondering with Coconut juice 1.8SGD. DuchMilk 2.5SGD. In coffee shop, Lemon tea 2.3SGD.


I use toilet to tidy up my clothes(Cause midnight flight…). In Japan, we hear that Singapore is very very clean city so if you drop some waste in street, soon police come and take penalty fine. but this toilet is not so clean than Tokyo Haneda or Narita AP. its suggestive matter for “Singapore is clean” is bogus. after that, I watch many dirty things in street.


I ended up in airport still 10am as rain stop. I think that hotel permit me to early check-in about 10:30 or 11:00. so get taxi and go. Taxi is cheap as everyone said it was. 16.75SGD for about 15km.